Frequently Asked Questions


Are you fully insured?


We include liability for the total declared value of the items up to £100k as per clause 9.1 and 11 of our terms and conditions subject to receiving a declared value of your goods. We can increase this amount if required. If you do not provide us with a declared value, limited liability will apply as per clause 9.2 and 11 of our terms and conditions.


Are my goods insured whilst in storage or in transit? 


Yes, we extend our liability from the moment we arrive at the property until we complete our delivery at the new property.

Packing service

Do you offer a packing service?


Yes, we offer a full packing and unpacking service which can be scaled back to a part packing service should you decide the pack the non-fragile yourselves.


Do you provide packing materials if I decide to take care of the packing requirements?


Yes, we can deliver all the required packing materials prior to the removal to give you sufficient time to complete the packing prior to the removal date.

Dismantling of the furniture

Do you offer a dismantling and assembling of the furniture service?


Yes, our team will take care of the dismantling and assembling of the furniture as required to fit through the doorways.

Will you collect the packing materials once I have finished unpacking the boxes?


Yes, we ask that clients cut down the boxes and call us as soon as they know when they will finish unpacking. Clients who move far away will have the option of recycling the materials or load an image on their local social media for another mover to collect.